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Our 15 years of Experience and commitment, ensure accurate and meaningful reporting, while our compliance tools aim your Independent Living Center towards success.  

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Access your data from anywhere using the internet!  MiCIL is an internet cloud system, making it the 'gold-standard' in secure online technology.

Demographics, Services Provided, Referrals

Complete Data Hosting - No software needed

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Staff Contact & Staff Time

Automatic Backups

Staff Contact & Staff Time

Automatic Data Archiving

Assessments, Advocacy, Employment

Free Compliance Tools!  

Goals, Case Notes, Satisfaction Survey

Multiple office reporting!

Fee for Service Invoicing

JAWS Compatible

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“I highly recommend MiCIL to Independent Living Centers looking for a complete, yet flexible, data management package.”

Deb, Program Manager, Independence First, Wisconsin - MiCIL Member since year 2000



Tanabe Systems is a key business partner, supporting the success of more than 60 Centers for Independent Living across the nation.













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